Radio Frequency Identification Tags: Benefits of a USB RFID Reader

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Smart phones today are no longer simple devices for communication; these state of the art phones are now used for commerce too. Talking to our friends, family members, and co-workers is now the most basic function of smart phones. Some phone brands today allow owners to manage their bills, acquire and share information, and even meet people using their devices. This is happening because today?s phones and tablets are now equipped with NFC technology so owners can use their devices other than sending SMS or calls.

What is NFC and how it Works
NFC which stands for Near Field Communication is a type of communication or exchange of data that relies on electromagnetic radio fields. The system is similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi since it allows transfer or exchange of data wirelessly. It is also similar to RFID but with the exception that NFC devices has to be within close proximity to each other to work.

NFC is available in two forms?passive and active NFC.

Passive enabled devices only store information for other NFC enabled devices to read. A good example is barcodes provided in magazines. The barcode is considered passive since it needs another NFC enabled device to extract the information contained in the barcode.

The other type of NFC the one they consider active devices are electronic devices that can read the information or even send it to other authorized devices. In the example above, the active device is the NFC enabled smart phones. You can use your phone to read information on passive tags and you can even share or alter the information if such action is allowed.

NFC Technology on Android Devices
Some android phones are capable of using the technology for commerce and security. Certain brands are fitted with NFC technology so users can use their phones for commerce and security purposes.

Currently, there are brands equipped with NFC system. Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony have fitted their phones with NFC technology so users can simply gather and share data through electromagnetic radio field. It is now possible to read passive tags using your phone. The NFC equipped phones now work as a scanner. You can also download a third party app that would turn your android phone into a barcode scanner so you can get additional data and even pair your device with other phones.

At present, you can now identify or track a person, animal, or object using a wireless non-contact system. The state of the art system is known as radio frequency identification or RFID. The system relies on the radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data needed for identification or tracking. A pet with RFID tag can be located with ease using the RFID scanner. You can also view the information stored in the tag through the RFID reader.
Nfc Technology

Uses of RFID
Currently, RFID system is widely used in different industries. Industries that rely on identification and tracking use RFID to manage their assets and inventories properly. For instance, a RFID tag can be attached to mobile phones during production so workers can easily track the progress of each model without having to manually open the device. RFID technology is also used in livestock because tracking farm animals is important to maintain quality control inside the farm. Even if a farmer has hundreds of cows in his farm, he can identify his prized cow by merely scanning the RFID chip embedded in the animal.

Meanwhile, individuals can now pay for their items without using actual money or even credit card. Device such as mobile phones equipped with RFID tags can transfer payment wirelessly. You can now use your mobile phones to pay for your groceries as long as your phone has RFID tag. You can even use your phone as an RFID reader if you want to information about a certain item in the store. The chip inside your cell phones can access your bank information so you can transfer your payment to the merchant. This way you will no longer have to bring cash or credit card to shop. Since the tag can store sensitive details, enhanced security features are added to secure your information. You need to input your password or pin before releasing any valuable information.

RFID Technology Today
Nowadays, you can use RFID to track or identify personal belongings. This is because the technology is made affordable for everyone to use. You can even purchase a RFID tag and a scanner for a couple of dollars in electronic shops.

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